Digital Membership Card

Present your Digital Membership Card at participating businesses to obtain your benefit. The Rules of Use are listed below.

How It Works

Dining Out

When dining at a restaurant, the restaurant will deduct 20% off the total bill up to a maximum deduction of $25.
Only one digital redemption may be used per table/party. Before your bill is totalled, present the YHA New Zealand Member and ISIC joint membership Redemption Screen on your Smartphone to your server.
The offer may be used on a repeat basis. All restaurant offers are dine in only unless otherwise stated. One bill for the table - no separate bills.

Takeaway, Activities, Local Services and Health & Beauty

To redeem offers within these categories, present the YHA New Zealand Member and ISIC joint membership Redemption Screen on your Smartphone to a staff member at the point of purchase to obtain the relevant deduction.
Offers apply only to the items and terms specified. Offers may not be traded and are not transferable. They may be used on a repeat basis.

Retail and Other Services

Read each offer listed on the website carefully as offers and redemption methods may vary. Redemption instructions to each particular offer are detailed within the offer description on the website.

Exclusive Offers

Offers are exclusive and may not be used in conjunction with other programs. If in doubt, please call us toll free in New Zealand on 0508 326 657 or from outside Australia on + 61 3 9815 4400.
The barter, trade, sale, purchase, or transfer for compensation of your Frequent Values™ Card/Virtual Card or Vouchers by any person or entity, including but not limited to travel services, travel providers and printers, publishers, and distributors of this product is strictly prohibited unless expressly authorised by Entertainment Publications of Australia Pty. Ltd. This product, and its Vouchers are intended for non-profit use by the individual purchaser of this product. Additionally, the use of this product or any of its Vouchers for advertising purposes, in any form or fashion is strictly prohibited. Any use of a Voucher in violation with the Rules will render the Voucher VOID and violators will be prosecuted. Vouchers may not be reproduced and are void where prohibited, taxed or restricted by law. Entertainment Publications of Australia Pty. Ltd. and/or its parent and subsidiaries including any person or entity who engages Entertainment Publications of Australia Pty Ltd to supply Frequent Values™ Cards/Virtual cards or Vouchers (“Partners”) will not be responsible if any establishment breaches its contract or refuses to accept Cards/Virtual Cards/Vouchers; however, we will of course use reasonable efforts to secure compliance, but do not accept responsibility for any failure of an establishment to provide any goods and/or services. For the avoidance of doubt Partners does not include any merchants providing goods and/or services. Entertainment Publications of Australia Pty. Ltd. and/or its parent, subsidiaries or Partners will not be responsible in the event of Acts of God, fire, casualties, strike or other events beyond its control.